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We are a property management company with international and national business and private clients. Find more details in the section „customers“.

Since 1987 we are active in this market. Read more about it under „about HEKTAR

Our focus lies on supporting residential real estate portfolios in the Region in and around Darmstadt as well as the Rhine-Main area. In addition, we look after individual properties in the commercial real estate sector.

We see ourselves as a „performance partner“ in the value creation process, to assure that investments pay off and income gets returned. In order to achieve those goals, we offer professional property management. We deliver support for property users and we take care of all real estate business matters. As a property manager, we consider ourselves as trustees of foreign assets. Our clients are professional asset managers or the owners themselves.

Professional property management is a complex and sophisticated service.
For more information please follow the link to our „Scope of our services“.

For foreign investors, who are less familiar with the circumstances of the Germen market, in the section „Scope of our services“ we provide an overview of the services and special features offered by property management companies in Germany.

This website is available in two languages: English and German. You can switch the language at the top right-hand corner of this page. If you have further questions we can supervice you in English.

Check out our „references“.

Of course we also manage property which is used for residential- and non-residential purposes for home- and part ownership according to the German Condominium Act (Wohnungseigentumsgesetz).

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Marcus Heymann, general manager

“I´m procure that our principals feel to be safe as related to the management of their properties.”

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