Our objective: Yield enhancement and satisfied tenants

In Property Management, we are responsible for the implementation of the appropriate strategy defined by Asset Management or directly by the investor. We are dedicated to the commercial and technical processes directly connected with the real estate as an extended arm of the asset management or investor and are thus the local manager.

In the commercial area, our main tasks include rent collection, property accounting, the dunning process, the preparation of annual utility invoices and the support of asset management and tenant-management.

The management and control of the facility management is another of our services in the area of Property Management. In the technical area, we are responsible for the coordination and control of the processes, in particular the maintenance and repair as well as for smaller construction measures.

The processes are systematically documented and all relevant information is transparently forwarded to asset management or the investor in the form of regular reports. Continuous budget control and checking the degree of target achievement based on the status reports is also one of our responsibilities in Property Management.

Property Management in Germany

In Germany, a multi-level model has developed at the market for the management of real estate in recent years. All the tasks and functions required for a return-oriented property management have been broken down into strategic and operational components. Currently, a management model as described in the following with different value added levels is widespread in Germany.

The individual stages along the value chain are divided into three levels of asset, property and facility management after the higher-level investor. As the responsible property manager, we act at the interfaces of each of those individual levels.

Unlike in many other European countries, facility management, which affects the portfolios of most institutional investors is still clearly separated from property management in Germany.